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You can be what you want to be…” It was a significant line if only to show the inclusionary practices of a scene that was being built on friendship and respect. There is also a dynamic film presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau SHARKS IMAX. The Great White’s actions were a little too clean, complete and statement like for it to be simply reacting to another life form seen as either a threat OR food.

Projects like this prove that technology can truly help purely naturalistic causes such as conserving a species as well as raising public interest’and subsequently overall awareness’of what sharks do for the ecosystem and why they must be preserved. After the Southern California scene imploded in riotous violence and over-inflamed egos, and most of the great DC bands had broken up and reformed into new, Emo-heavy outfits, it was time for New York to take over and put itself back on the map.

He moves in a field of industry that is typified by shady dealings, shark-like tendencies and greed. It was a ragged mixture of the Oi and Punk roots that had fueled New York Hardcore before it had a definite formula. ” The inside of the record was full of information; an extended “thanks” list that reads like a fantasy roster of all-star Hardcore giants, pictures of friends and gigs, and a curious plea for trades.

If the victim really was human, most of the time the Great White can be heard emitting a girly deep sea “EWWWWWW” while spitting out your 3 right toes or one ¼ of your thigh and not bothering to inquire any further.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health ‘ in addition to providing protection against heart disease and possibly stroke, higher does of omega-3 fatty acids are used to treat depression, and ‘new studies identifying potential benefits for a wide range of conditions including cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases and other autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Anything cast into the area of a nest is likely attacked or moved. From there you are fully kept secure and in tact in its mightiest of animal jaws, dragged to the ocean floor and usually swallowed whole. For more on Sevengill sharks, see this article on Marinebio.

She was amazed that kids still cared about the older bands and decided to write a book about Straight Edge and interviewed a lot of people from bands about it. “Uncle Chef Scott, why in the hell would you waste your time on a part of anatomy that is usually reserved for fetishists. So what’s this about a human being with a more or less complete body that was still breathing amongst deadly animals that are known to take no prisoners’.

Politics and philosophy, while certainly important ideals for Revelation and its roster, they were never the main focus of what these guys set out to do. Every weekend, there is a party at the intersection of Magnolia Boulevard and Hollywood Way. Something about their records captured the perfect moments of a scene that was vibrant and new.

“There were a few people who thought it was lame that we did the vinyl versions of albums that were also released on major labels. Unfortunately sharks are being slaughtered every day putting the shark at risk for survival. ” The shows were what spurred the legends and venues like CBGB’s in New York, City Gardens in Trenton NJ, and Club Pizazz in Philadelphia were what helped keep the scene going.

There are no newborn versions of sharks inside Top Secret Lab; at least not right now. These tracks also provide some of the clearest vocals on the EP, giving listeners a chance to fully grasp the intended impact of the lyrics and absorb the complete message without getting lost in the production.

The label and the band decided to release the 100 or so pressings they had.

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